The Gospel Writers

PowerPoint Background using 2 Timothy 3:16-17

The four Gospels all share the same theme with each other, and that is Christ, his journey and ministry, incarnation, death, resurrection and ascension to heaven. But each disciple paints a unique picture of Christ’s mission on earth.

Matthew wrote for a specific audience which were the Jewish Christians. He wanted to convince them that Jesus was the Son that had been prophesied to come from the line of Abraham and the King of Israel David, the promised Messiah. This book depicts Christ as the Great Teacher and how he fits the prophecy in Jewish history. So he encourages them to look at the Old Testament Jewish prophecies that would have not been understood by the Gentile reader in those days.

Mark’s audience appears to be the Romans as the were awed and impressed by wonder working power, he emphasised his book on miracles. Mark wrote events in this book from Peter’s accounts of them as Mark did not bear witness to any of the events. He explains Jewish customs such as Passover to his non-Jewish audience just in case they are not familiar with them

Luke studied history and was physician. He focused on the lineage of Christ from Genesis – Adam and emphasised Christ ancestry to Abraham. Whilst Matthew wrote for the Jews , Luke wrote about how Christ interacted with the Gentiles and Roman citizens. We learn about Christ’s birth and ministry in Perea from him.

John was the youngest of the disciples and also a theologian, he was wrote from first hand eye-witness accounts of Christ early ministry in Judea and His early work with Jewish leaders. (1 John1:1-3). He is the only one who documented Christ’s early work and records the controversies in the Temple instead of the miracles. He sees and points to the Father in the plan of Salvation by repeatedly quoting Jesus saying “He that sent Me” and presents Christ as the Creator and Saviour of the world who gave His life for us on the cross. His book is aimed at Christians

“The Creator of all ideas may impress different minds with the same thought, but each may express it in a different way, yet without contradiction. The fact tha this difference exists should perplex or confuse us. It is seldom that two persons will view and express truth in the very same way. each dwells on particular points which his constitution and education have fitted him to appreciate. The sunlight falling upon different objects gives those objects a different hue.” – Ellen White

Inspired by the Jesus Daily Devotional by David Metzler.


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